Thursday, January 7, 2010

Permanent Residents

Oscar the Grouch a.k.a. The Girl, Girla, MeowWow.
Ninja the Ass-kicking cat, lovingly known to all as Fat Fat.
My original awesome twosome. The girl was found alone on the street by my friends when she was about 6 weeks old. FatFat was rescued by me and a friend when we were on our way to a hoobastank concert. He was about 2months old and people were abusing him.

Sparks, Sparklebutt, Sparkles
Found in the upstairs bathroom of a house when he was about 2 months old.

The resident stereotypical cat. Adopted after her owner moved away.

Daisy Mama Cat
Neighborhood stray that kept getting pregnant till I managed to catch and spay her.

Spike, Spotato, Spootata
I fostered him for a while, then couldn't give him up. I fell in love!

Tony Montana
Fell in love with him at an SPCA adoption drive. Walked around all day with him with a sign that said "Please Take Me Home". No one did, sooo.. A few days later, I did.

Molly and Conan
Permanent residents? I'm not sure.. That remains to be seen.. I've been fostering them since April 2009. It's been almost 9 months. I love them to bits! No one has expressed interest in adopting them. Molly was about 4 months old in this photo and Conan was almost 2 months old.

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