Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New fosters

I have three new foster kitties. A mother cat and her two tiny kittens. A gorgeous family of domestic medium length hair furkids. I don't think it will be terribly difficult to find a home for these three because of their pretty coat colors and longish hair. People here love fluffy cats. Malaysians think all fluffy cats are persians.

I actually don't like fostering cats that look like they may be mixed with some expensive and exotic breeds because I don't trust people. I always think that they might be sneaky little snots. Backyard breeders posing as loving, genuine adopters. It happens! They troll the adoption websites looking for cats and dogs they can use for breeding. Then they sell the beautiful kittens and puppies that are the result. Personally I think people who make money from exploiting and prostituting animals are just disgusting. Animals aren't baby-making factories. There are other ways for a decent human being to make a living. Go back to school and find out!! Apply for a real job! Anyway i'm getting off topic here. That always happens..

So back to my three new fosters. They were rescued by a very nice lady whom I'll call JenDog. JenDog rents a little room in a house and lives there with her small dog. She had been feeding the mother cat, whom she named Snowy, for a few months. Snowy was one of the neighborhood's many stray cats and she was a scrawny, bedraggled little thing. JenDog and Snowy slowly became friends and Snowy began waiting for JenDog outside the house everyday. After being fed regularly for a while, Snowy blossomed into a beautiful lady and the neighborhood toms couldn't resist her. Snowy got preggers!! She eventually gave birth to three kittens but one was killed and thrown away by JenDog's landlady's despicable son. He'll probably grow up to be a serial killer and then get the death penalty, but that's another topic altogether. Anyway, JenDog knew she couldn't keep Snowy and the remaining two kittens. How would they all live together in her little room with her dog? Her landlady had even asked her to pay extra rent to be allowed to keep Snowy and her kits. I think that's beyond low.. JenDog doesn't have much money and her evil landlady knows this; yet she took advantage of JenDog's kindness and compassion. I can't believe some people are so greedy and calculating.

So.. that's how these new foster felines ended up in my care. JenDog asked me to foster them. They need to be kept away from evil landlady + despicable son. I'll take photos of them as soon as Snowy gets more used to me.

After I met JenDog and got to know her better, I was deeply touched by her kindness. She has really suffered. She battles an illness and also had a nervous breakdown. She lives in just one little room with her dog. She needs every cent she earns. She battles her demons without a support network. In spite of all this, she has room in her heart and her life for three animals that needed help, food, and shelter. Some people have EVERYTHING and wouldn't even bring home a tiny abandoned kitten or get it some help. I hear all sorts of stupid excuses from people about why they don't help. When you see an injured or sick animal in the street, just pick it up and bring it to the vet. Don't do nothing.

It really bothers me when people tell me they saw an injured puppy or kitten somewhere and they didn't do anything. I ask why and the response is always something inane like,"oh i was on my way to dinner so couldn't stop" or "i didn't have a box to carry it in". Those are STUPID STUPID reasons not to help a sentient being in need. There is ALWAYS something we can do. Just use some common sense! Geez.

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