Friday, January 29, 2010

i love getting presents but its ok daisy mama, you can stop now..

daisy mama cat is my semi feral stray kitty. she adopted me when i moved into the neighborhood but i've never been able to fully domesticate her. she's a free spirit and will not be confined to living indoors. i've tried many times to get her to stay inside my home but she totally freaks out once she's surrounded by walls. her paw prints literally cover parts of my walls from times when she panicked and tried to claw her way out the windows. so its outdoor living for this flower child.

when i first found her in the neighborhood, i had actually intended to rehome her. but after realizing that she would never be happy as someone's indoor pet, i gave that up. at least with me, she's familiar with the area and its a small, quiet, low-traffic suburb. what if she was adopted but then ran away in an unfamiliar area and got lost? i'd never forgive myself.

daisy mama seems cold and snobbish to everyone. she completely ignores people she's not familiar with. sometimes when i pass her in the street while walking my dogs, she even ignores me when i call out to her. at first i thought "mannn... what a little biatch.. she totally doesn't care about me". but then she started bringing me little tokens of her appreciation. its all quite sweet in a macabre, feline way really.. the first time i found a dead eyeless little shrew next to my car i didn't realize it was a gift for me. but then it happened again, and again, always at my car at the spot where daisy mama waits for her meals.

then one evening, she jumped into the house through the window, purring loudly from deep within her throat. she had something dark in her mouth. she dropped it at my feet and meowed insistently. i looked down to see the mangled, chewed up carcass of a little sparrow. daisy was obviously very pleased with herself so of course i didn't wanna insult her. i was beyond grossed out and horrified but picked up the poor little bird and cooed, "oh my gosh! for me?! thank you so much daisy mama! you shouldn't have!! no, really you shouldn't trouble yourself." she was pleased as punch and rubbed her head affectionately on my legs before giving me a playful nip and jumping out the window.

in the last two weeks she has brought me a variety of rodents and left them at my car. some were fresh kills, still intact, no visible wounds in sight. they looked like they were sleeping. others were starting to reek and decompose. the worst ones were the bloody ones. one last week has its head almost completely severed. it was connected by just a little sliver of skin. the day before yesterday she brought a perfectly intact and cute little mouse. no puncture wounds at all. pristine. then yesterday there was another mouse but this one had been divided into two large pieces literally.. ughhh... blood and guts.. and it smelled soooo bad.

its not very easy to dispose of all the victims of this carnage. i can't bury them in the yard coz i don't want the dogs to dig them up. i can't just throw them in the bin and expect the garbage man to take them away.. they stink!! so i've been reduced to dropping them in the sewer or driving out to the big main garbage dump and tossing them on the mountain of garbage after wrapping them in layers of plastic bags.

daisy mama is very giving.. she might not want to stay home and cuddle up with me but she shows her love through her gory gifts. i appreciate them all.. but really.. i get it now. she loves me. ok. i love her too. she can stop giving me presents now.. please?

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meowmeowmans said...

Ewww! Well, at least you know she loves you. :)

Thanks for stopping by our blog and for your message. I never really thought about cats looking different depending upon where they live, but now I'll be looking more carefully at the pictures on cat blogs around the world. I'm totally intrigued by the thought of it!