Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Go away backyard breeders!!

I've received soooo many inquiries about Snowy, Luna, and Rajah already from people who saw their adoption profile on Normally this would so totally please me but most of these inquiries have been from breeders.. tsk tsk people!! I believe its clearly stated in my adoption procedure that neutering/spaying is compulsory. THis is soooo not negotiable. I'm totally anti-breeding. I'm a shelter volunteer. Breeding goes against all my beliefs about the welfare of these animals and totally undermines all the work that people like me put so much heart and effort into.

So, no. Please don't try to convince me otherwise. Its not happening. Its not on. Don't waste my time breeders!! Why don't y'all try to improve yourselves by mating with a decent human being? It would be nice if your offspring had half a brain and some compassion. Maybe that'll improve YOUR breed.

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