Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Luckytoes Midnight & Conan rehomed together.

Oh i miss my foster babies soooooo much! I wish fostering had time limits but well, we all know that sometimes our temporary foster cases become almost permanent. Those long-term foster furbabies become just as precious and loved as our own darling pets. When they are adopted it feels like someone is taking away your pet! It's impossible to differentiate between the bond we share with our own and the bond we share with our longtime fosters..

Luckytoes Midnight joined my foster family before halloween last year. Conan joined us in April last year. They are definitely the record holders here for longest temporary foster furbabies EVER! They went to their new forever home in Cameron Highlands on Saturday the 19th of June 2010. I didn't report the move earlier because I wanted to see if it went well first.. I've had regular progress reports from their adopter. They had a shaky start. They were very scared, wouldn't eat. But finally after almost 2 weeks in their new home, I've had an excellent progress report! They're chowing down like never before, sleeping like the lazy pigs they are, playing and being sweet.

Congratulations to their adopter S, who took a chance on two fearful kitties and taught them how to trust her. Well done young lady!

But omg do i miss them sooooo much. I have shed sooo many tears for them and really piled on the drama. I miss their silly faces and goofy antics. I should add though, that all of you don't have to worry about molly missing conan.. she hasn't seemed to notice that he's gone.. thank god for that.

Rest in Peace Seymour

I just met Seymour tonight around 11:30. I was driving home singing along to my favorite Metric songs. Seymour was in the middle of the highway writhing in agony, shocked and confused after getting hit by a car. He was definitely the last thing I expected to come across tonight. Poor little guy. Soft feline bodies don't stand a chance against cars. He was clearly still alive though so there was no way in hell i was going to leave him there. I turned on my hazard lights and stopped the car, dashed out, bundled him up in my arms and lay him down on the passenger side seat. That was a bad idea. He tried to get up and in doing so, he rolled off the seat and onto the floor. I didn't know what to do with him so I just drove, wanting to get him home. His breathing was loud and rapid the whole time. I could hear gurgling and bubbling. His body looked unscathed but he was bleeding from his nose and mouth. Every breath he took sprayed blood. I guess that means he had internal bleeding..

I called my friend NT and she recommended i call the Animal Medical Center downtown. They're supposed to have a night emergency vet or something.. Anyway I called and the person who answered kept talking to me about consultation costs and whatever other costs when all I wanted to know was whether or not I could bring this poor suffering cat in and put him out of his misery. In the end I didn't have to bring Seymour anywhere. He died soon after and I'm glad he did. It was a relief not to see him suffering anymore and hear his painful labored breaths.

I had my usual few minutes of major waterworks and drama and self-blame, then i wrapped him up in a towel and now his body is downstairs waiting for tomorrow so I can bring his body to my regular vet to be sent for cremation. We'll never know who drove into Seymour and went on without even checking to see if he was still alive, or move him out of further harm's way. I'll never understand how some people can be so heartless. They disgust me and I only want horrible things for them in life.

Seymour was a large, male, black and grey tabby. He was probably somewhere between 2 and 4 years old. His eyes were yellow. He was clean and his coat had tell-tale signs of obsessive grooming. Lots of short broken off "split-ends". He will be remembered.

Rest in peace Seymour.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Little Pinky (James) Update

I love receiving updates and new photos of my previous foster babies. Little Pinky's mum, RK, emailed me this photo of him yesterday. He's 10 months old now and he looks wonderful. It's so awesome to see him healthy and content. To read about what he went through and see what he used to look like, click here.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Division of Furkids, Separation of Molly & Conan

I've had to make some tough decisions lately what with being unemployed and breaking up with my longterm dude and having to find a new little place to live by myself.. I have to downsize drastically and will probably be living in an apartment soon. No more house with big yard for me and the pets. i can't afford all that.. and sadly i can't afford all of the pets either.. So Conan might be joining Luckytoes Midnight in Cameron Highlands. Luckytoes Midnight's adopter S, has expressed interest in adopting Conan as well.

Now, those of you who have been following the adventures of Molly and Conan know that I never intended to separate them. It was always the most important thing to me that Molly and Conan be adopted together.. But after fostering them for almost a year and half, well i just don't have any hope for that anymore. No one has wanted to adopt them together. And now i can't really be so picky about that. I have to take good adopters when they come and i think i have a good one for Conan now.

I'm sure some of you are wondering if molly and conan will be ok without each other. I can honestly say that conan will be just peachy. he weaned himself off molly's attentions a long time ago. he has become a cat in every sense of the word and now sees molly more as a nuisance than anything else. this is mostly due to molly's habit of picking him up by the scruff of his neck and running around the house with him dangling and swaying madly from her jaws. what was fun when he was a baby is now kinda painful. he's a fatty.

So, will Molly be ok without Conan? Now that i can't absolutely guarantee. She will notice he's gone. She does see him as a playmate, or as a plaything i suppose.. whatever it is, she is very aware of him even if he's just something to chase around the house. So yes i'm torn. I haven't totally made up my mind yet but my cousins and my brother and i are heading to cameron highlands this saturday the 19th to bring luckytoes midnight to her new home. will we be bringing conan with us? this is one of the toughest rehoming decisions i will ever have to make. its awful. i really thought someone would see the charm in having both molly and conan.. the little mismatched pair of three-legged dog and her little cat both in matching coat colors. but right now i don't even know what i will do with molly when i have to move out of this house. apartments here don't allow dogs and molly is a barker.

anyway it looks like after the division and rehoming of pets.. i will be left with 4 cats, fatfat, oscar the grouch (the girl), sparks and daisy mama cat.
my ex will have our two male dogs, tony montana and spike, and his cat coco.
molly will have to be rehomed and we are looking for a home for her now. i must have regular visitation rights and if money is a problem i will sponsor all molly's food, veterinary bills, treats, and toys for the rest of her life. I love that dog and i am heartbroken.

after all this is done i don't think i will be rescuing and fostering anymore. it's over.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Luckytoes Midnight is moving to Cameron Highlands

After speaking to a few potential adopters who were interested in adopting Luckytoes Midnight i have made up my mind and decided on a young teenage girl and her family who live in Cameron Highlands. The girl, whom I will call S in this post, grew up with a black kitty of her own, named Lucifer who recently died of old age. Of course, when you've spent most of your childhood with the companionship of a precious animal and its suddenly gone, this leaves a huge void. S was very excited when she saw Luckytoes Midnight in the newspaper and let me know that she really really really wanted to adopt her. Out of all the potential adopters, S was the most enthusiastic, most serious, called and texted me every few hours for updates on my interviews with other adopters. She kept checking to make sure she was still in the running. I like her attitude!!

Anyhoozers, I've decided that i want to send luckytoes midnight to her in cameron highlands. i've never been there and going there also gives me a chance to check out the home that luckytoes will be living in.. i've always wanted to go to cameron highlands.. its one of only two places in malaysia famous for its cold weather and fresh mountain air. i'll head up there with family or friends and after sending lucks to her new home we can check out the tea plantations, fields of strawberries and flowers, and the bunnies!! i suck at driving so we'll only be heading up to cameron highlands when someone is free to drive us up there.. i'm not good with hilly, winding roads.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm alive and potential adopters for luckytoes midnight

hi all! i know i've been totally MIA for a while but I have been receiving your emails and kind comments. i want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement! i haven't managed to sort out any of my dilemmas yet but my overall mood has improved a lot and i feel very much alive again. i'm ready to join the world and fix things. i'm single, broke, unemployed, and almost homeless but i'm in a good mood today so its all good. i will sort this shit out.

i received many phone calls today from people interested in finding out more about luckytoes midnight. from the bunch, two potential adopters are coming to my home tomorrow to meet her. this is all thanks to Ellen from the Katz and Other Tales blog. Ellen writes the Katz Tales column in The Star newspaper and today she featured luckytoes midnight in the "Adopt Me" box. Katz Tales is in the Weekender section of the paper. Make sure you check it out. wish us luck with the potential adopters! tomorrow could be the day that luckytoes finally finds a permanent home!
Below are some photos of Luckytoes and Tutti Frutti i took a couple of weeks ago during SPCA Selangor's adoption drive at Bangsar Shopping Center. Tutti Frutti was adopted that day.