Friday, June 11, 2010

Luckytoes Midnight is moving to Cameron Highlands

After speaking to a few potential adopters who were interested in adopting Luckytoes Midnight i have made up my mind and decided on a young teenage girl and her family who live in Cameron Highlands. The girl, whom I will call S in this post, grew up with a black kitty of her own, named Lucifer who recently died of old age. Of course, when you've spent most of your childhood with the companionship of a precious animal and its suddenly gone, this leaves a huge void. S was very excited when she saw Luckytoes Midnight in the newspaper and let me know that she really really really wanted to adopt her. Out of all the potential adopters, S was the most enthusiastic, most serious, called and texted me every few hours for updates on my interviews with other adopters. She kept checking to make sure she was still in the running. I like her attitude!!

Anyhoozers, I've decided that i want to send luckytoes midnight to her in cameron highlands. i've never been there and going there also gives me a chance to check out the home that luckytoes will be living in.. i've always wanted to go to cameron highlands.. its one of only two places in malaysia famous for its cold weather and fresh mountain air. i'll head up there with family or friends and after sending lucks to her new home we can check out the tea plantations, fields of strawberries and flowers, and the bunnies!! i suck at driving so we'll only be heading up to cameron highlands when someone is free to drive us up there.. i'm not good with hilly, winding roads.


Karolka said...

You'll see Luckytoes will be more than happy there. Cameroon Highlands are very beautiful. You should spend there couple of days. And don't forget a warm jumper and umbrella. It rains there a lot.

meowmeowmans said...

AWESOME news! I'm so happy for Luckytoes MIdnight! :)

Cameroon Highlands sounds like a nice place; I hope you find your time there restful, enjoyable and restorative. You absolutely deserve it!

Au and Target said...

I'm so glad. Did you get any other kitties adopted by people who missed LuckyToes? I'm thinking that with the limited number of Adopt Me boxes, we should have a "telephone tree" type of thing with the rescuers? So that we can match a kitten in JB with, a black cat in Penang, etc with a phone call. What do you think?