Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm alive and potential adopters for luckytoes midnight

hi all! i know i've been totally MIA for a while but I have been receiving your emails and kind comments. i want to thank everyone for their support and encouragement! i haven't managed to sort out any of my dilemmas yet but my overall mood has improved a lot and i feel very much alive again. i'm ready to join the world and fix things. i'm single, broke, unemployed, and almost homeless but i'm in a good mood today so its all good. i will sort this shit out.

i received many phone calls today from people interested in finding out more about luckytoes midnight. from the bunch, two potential adopters are coming to my home tomorrow to meet her. this is all thanks to Ellen from the Katz and Other Tales blog. Ellen writes the Katz Tales column in The Star newspaper and today she featured luckytoes midnight in the "Adopt Me" box. Katz Tales is in the Weekender section of the paper. Make sure you check it out. wish us luck with the potential adopters! tomorrow could be the day that luckytoes finally finds a permanent home!
Below are some photos of Luckytoes and Tutti Frutti i took a couple of weeks ago during SPCA Selangor's adoption drive at Bangsar Shopping Center. Tutti Frutti was adopted that day.


Au and Target said...

I am crossing fingers you find her a really good home - and some other homes for other kitties at the same time!

BTW, you're being tagged on Tuesday for an Award. Hehehe.

Frodannah said...

I'm glad your mood has bounced back! And what a face on that Tutti Frutti!!! = ) I hope Luckytoes meets her new *amazing* mommy soon!

Teal'c said...

They are so cute, my hooman says, I wanna eat them :) ...
Slobbers Teal'c

meowmeowmans said...

They are adorable!

We are glad you're feeling alive again. :)

Purrs and prayers.