Monday, June 14, 2010

Division of Furkids, Separation of Molly & Conan

I've had to make some tough decisions lately what with being unemployed and breaking up with my longterm dude and having to find a new little place to live by myself.. I have to downsize drastically and will probably be living in an apartment soon. No more house with big yard for me and the pets. i can't afford all that.. and sadly i can't afford all of the pets either.. So Conan might be joining Luckytoes Midnight in Cameron Highlands. Luckytoes Midnight's adopter S, has expressed interest in adopting Conan as well.

Now, those of you who have been following the adventures of Molly and Conan know that I never intended to separate them. It was always the most important thing to me that Molly and Conan be adopted together.. But after fostering them for almost a year and half, well i just don't have any hope for that anymore. No one has wanted to adopt them together. And now i can't really be so picky about that. I have to take good adopters when they come and i think i have a good one for Conan now.

I'm sure some of you are wondering if molly and conan will be ok without each other. I can honestly say that conan will be just peachy. he weaned himself off molly's attentions a long time ago. he has become a cat in every sense of the word and now sees molly more as a nuisance than anything else. this is mostly due to molly's habit of picking him up by the scruff of his neck and running around the house with him dangling and swaying madly from her jaws. what was fun when he was a baby is now kinda painful. he's a fatty.

So, will Molly be ok without Conan? Now that i can't absolutely guarantee. She will notice he's gone. She does see him as a playmate, or as a plaything i suppose.. whatever it is, she is very aware of him even if he's just something to chase around the house. So yes i'm torn. I haven't totally made up my mind yet but my cousins and my brother and i are heading to cameron highlands this saturday the 19th to bring luckytoes midnight to her new home. will we be bringing conan with us? this is one of the toughest rehoming decisions i will ever have to make. its awful. i really thought someone would see the charm in having both molly and conan.. the little mismatched pair of three-legged dog and her little cat both in matching coat colors. but right now i don't even know what i will do with molly when i have to move out of this house. apartments here don't allow dogs and molly is a barker.

anyway it looks like after the division and rehoming of pets.. i will be left with 4 cats, fatfat, oscar the grouch (the girl), sparks and daisy mama cat.
my ex will have our two male dogs, tony montana and spike, and his cat coco.
molly will have to be rehomed and we are looking for a home for her now. i must have regular visitation rights and if money is a problem i will sponsor all molly's food, veterinary bills, treats, and toys for the rest of her life. I love that dog and i am heartbroken.

after all this is done i don't think i will be rescuing and fostering anymore. it's over.


blackie007 said...

This is so sad. I could really feel your pain in having to part with Molly as well as separating her from Conan, not to mention in your own life.

If you really want, you could keep Molly in some condos which are a bit lax on implementing the rules of having no pets. It was one of the criteria when we were searching for a home. My place closes an eye to pets (I've heard dogs barking, and Simon from Petfinder, keeps a dog in his unit here) but it's nothing like Sri Hartamas or Robson Heights where I had lived before. I had to do some adjusting to the neighbourhood as well as the demographic profile of the people around here, but as long as it allows me to keep my cats, I was willing to do that.

If you really want to keep Molly and are willing to adjust to a different neighbourhood & different demographic profile, message me at FB. I'll give you more details.

Meanwhile, take care, and I wish you, Molly and Conan the very best, whatever you decide.

Everycat said...

I'm sorry you have been through so much lately, this is a tough call and I wish you well dealing with it all. I hope you can find somewhere good to live and be happy. You have done a tremendous amount of work helping animals in desperate states, burn out is always lurking, so please take some time to sort yourself out with a stable situation. Relax and enjoy your four cats (and visits to Molly)

I wish you well. Here's to new jobs, new homes and new dreams.

Jane & Whicky

Au and Target said...

I'm so sorry to hear that, Lynette. I hope something excellent turns up soon for you. You deserve a generous slice of good fortune.

galatea. said...

you've made tough but very good decisions. i'm really proud of you for being soo selfless xx

you have a good heart love- know that.

we shall chat soon ;p

Frodannah said...

What a horrible situation you are in! It's so hard to make decisions like this! I hope you are able to find peace when you do decide on adopters.

Nothing is more heartbreaking than having to separate your life from someone you love.

Fiona said...

I don't pop by for a while and look what happens ;)

Seriously, I am truly sorry to hear things haven't worked out. But I still stand in awe at your ferocious efforts on behalf of the ktities. You're still inspiring!