Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rest in Peace Seymour

I just met Seymour tonight around 11:30. I was driving home singing along to my favorite Metric songs. Seymour was in the middle of the highway writhing in agony, shocked and confused after getting hit by a car. He was definitely the last thing I expected to come across tonight. Poor little guy. Soft feline bodies don't stand a chance against cars. He was clearly still alive though so there was no way in hell i was going to leave him there. I turned on my hazard lights and stopped the car, dashed out, bundled him up in my arms and lay him down on the passenger side seat. That was a bad idea. He tried to get up and in doing so, he rolled off the seat and onto the floor. I didn't know what to do with him so I just drove, wanting to get him home. His breathing was loud and rapid the whole time. I could hear gurgling and bubbling. His body looked unscathed but he was bleeding from his nose and mouth. Every breath he took sprayed blood. I guess that means he had internal bleeding..

I called my friend NT and she recommended i call the Animal Medical Center downtown. They're supposed to have a night emergency vet or something.. Anyway I called and the person who answered kept talking to me about consultation costs and whatever other costs when all I wanted to know was whether or not I could bring this poor suffering cat in and put him out of his misery. In the end I didn't have to bring Seymour anywhere. He died soon after and I'm glad he did. It was a relief not to see him suffering anymore and hear his painful labored breaths.

I had my usual few minutes of major waterworks and drama and self-blame, then i wrapped him up in a towel and now his body is downstairs waiting for tomorrow so I can bring his body to my regular vet to be sent for cremation. We'll never know who drove into Seymour and went on without even checking to see if he was still alive, or move him out of further harm's way. I'll never understand how some people can be so heartless. They disgust me and I only want horrible things for them in life.

Seymour was a large, male, black and grey tabby. He was probably somewhere between 2 and 4 years old. His eyes were yellow. He was clean and his coat had tell-tale signs of obsessive grooming. Lots of short broken off "split-ends". He will be remembered.

Rest in peace Seymour.


Au and Target said...

Poor cat. It's so horrible to have to stand by and be unable to do nothing useful. Maybe you should ask your vet for a dose of morphine to keep at home for emergencies? But that's probably illegal here. Still, it's worth a think. Maybe you can get a police certificate or something to say you've got just the one shot for a kitty emergency.

Debra Taylor said...

Oh, you are such a dear soul to bring love to this dying cat. I would have done the same, and also it would have undone me emotionally for days after. I believe some people who hit animals are heartless - and others simply cannot handle the emotional pain of helping the animal whom they have hurt. It may still bother them and cause them great pain. But they cannot handle dealing with what they have done. I am not making excuses for them .. just shedding some light on this. I knew a fine woman once who did not even have enough emotional stamina to LISTEN to my story of rescuing a deer hit by someone else's car.

All you kitties in the cat blogosphere stay well!


Frodannah said...

What a horrible ending to his life.

Too many die agonizing deaths due to vehicles. I hope whoever hit him isn't able to sleep well tonight, knowing they didn't have the courage to see what kind of damage they caused to this poor animal.

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

Waaaaughhh!!!! :'(
This is so tragic! I feel so strongly for Seymour! Part of me wishes I haven't come over to read this, and part of me is relieved that I at least have the chance to pay my last respects and say a prayer for Seymour.

I just am so grateful that at least Seymour died assured of your love. Now he knows he won't be alone at the Rainbow Bridge. Now at least Seymour knows you will come and get him at the Rainbow Bridge, and he will wait for you there.

Rest In Peace, dear Seymour. I am so sorry you were in so much pain, Little One. I am so sorry that humans are such assholes.

havetailwillwag said...

it sucks!! poor seymour.. his bloodstains are still in my car. reminders for me :(