Monday, July 12, 2010


mood swings mood swings mood swings!! why do you continue to plague me and drive me nuts with your rollercoaster crap? i'm so sick of being peachy one minute and down down downnnnnnnnn the next. damn you malfunctioning brain chemistry! too bad there's no warranty on this thing.. if there was, i'd want a refund!

oooh but on the bright side, today's SPCA PAWTY @ Sid's Pub was an awesome success and super fun! Spike had hot dogs and burger patties and sniffed lots of other dogs' butts.

ok are you beginning to see a pattern in how my mind works?

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Crazygirlclub said...

lol! and did u know that we raise near to 19000RM for just this event?!?!?!? =)