Friday, January 21, 2011

Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better highlights shocking abuse case.

WARNING: This is an extremely disturbing post with graphic photos.

I am sickened, saddened, horrified. That humans can be so callous, so cruel, have no regard for the suffering of another living being. My god. I don't know what to say. I hope this poor dog's owners suffer terrible misfortune. I hope they suffer physically as well. I hope a shit storm of horrors rains down upon them. Bastards. Go fuck yourselves in the ass with a sharp stick. I don't know you but I despise you. You are nothing. You repulse me. You don't deserve to live. Waste of oxygen. I hope you are locked in a windowless room until you starve to death. See how you like it motherfuckers.

Who are they? I want to know. I think lots of people would like to know. I want them identified. Animal abusers should not be protected. They don't deserve any compassion or respect from us. We should be able to protest outside their home.

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MDDB's post follows below. Taken from

Another abuse case

A rescuer friend alerted us about this dog after she herself was tipped off by a concerned neighbour. We spoke to the neighbour and he said the owners had not been feeding their dog enough and this was not their first case of dog abuse. The dogs is skin and bones and we shudder to think of the suffering it must have gone through. The family lives in Puchong Intan and here's her narration:I got a call regarding this dog from a man last Sunday morning. He explained to me then that the owners were nowhere in sight initially, and that this dog was 'about to die'. He'd tried to call out and feed the dog but it was too weak to move.I couldn't go to get the dog myself, and so made arrangements with a veterinary clinic to pick it up . Thirty minutes later, the man called again and told me that the owners WERE in fact home, and he put them on the phone with me. When I questioned them, they told me that the dog had 'been lying that way for a week' and refused to explain what had led to it's condition.Then they questioned my intentions, and after my explanation, told me that whatever i was going to do, 'kita tak akan bayar apa-apa untuk anjing ini'. I assured them otherwise and they agreed to hand over the dog.More than THREE hours later, the drivers from the veterinary clinic arrived to pick the dog up. The rather inconsiderate receptionists kept calling to ask if the deposits they needed had been made, and quoted that they could just cancel the house-call if otherwise. No one really cared that the dog was dying.Merely minutes after arriving at the clinic, just as i'd placed a call to another vet to pick the dog up from the first clinic, I got a call from one of the vets saying that the dog had passed away. A burial arrangement was going to cost Rm150, and so I told them to bring the dog over to my grandfather's farm instead.I took this picture on Tuesday. I hadn't had the chance to visit the dog during the rescue attempt, and so this was very disturbing. My grandparents kept repeating how 'very big and beautiful' this dog was. The vets say it's a Great Dane, middle aged.I hope that something can be done to have this dog's voice heard.
We at MDDB are greatly disturbed and will also forward this to the DVS and follow-up. Why do these people keep dogs if they don't want to care for them? What kind of values do they subscribe to - don't they understand that dogs are living beings that can suffer pain and anguish just like us? Given this sad situation, MDDB will also prioritise the bringing dog abuse cases to book this year. Please support us to teach the real animals about love and compassion.
Posted by Sharmini Popiko Sasha at 6:46 AM
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ForPetsSake said...

So very sad. Why be so heartless. If nothing else, if you care so little, give the dog its freedom and let it scrounge for food! It might've had a chance then...

Anonymous said...

I think people who do this sort of thing to animals are not only evil,they are emotionally dead.They are the walking dead.It's simply not comprehensable to me that a person could be so not present in life that they could tolerate this extreme,horrific cruelty-that is create it,watch over it and remain indifferent.Evil.

meowmeowmans said...

Horrible. I never cease to be amazed and saddened by the lack of humanity in some people.

Anonymous said...

Stories like this just make me soo mad! Why have a dog or any animal if your not going to feed it or take of it( that includes taking it to the vet when it looks sick or doesn't want to eat).

Gine Oquendo said...

Never allow those people to have pets again. They don't know how to be a responsible pet parent. For sure if the poor dog died in their custody they will just throw the body and did not realize that pet deserve to be buried or have a pet cremation houston . Pets bring joy and happiness in our home we should know their rights and treat them right.