Thursday, April 29, 2010

New foster kitten! Mortimer

i found the little booger a couple of hours ago on my way to work. he was all curled up in a teeny tiny little ball on someone's driveway. there was no gate so i walked in and asked a lady there if the kitten belonged to anyone. she said nope so i carried the emaciated little tyke and brought him to my car. poor thing's so weak he immediately curled up and fell asleep on my lap. i could feel all the sharp angles of his bones through his skin.

it was only 9am and my vet doesn't open till 10am so i wrapped kitty up in a canvas shopping bag from my car and off we went to my office. luckily my new job is in the same neighborhood as my home and the vet!! so super convenient! we went upstairs to wait till 10am and then we went round the corner to the vet. i've decided to call him mortimer. no idea why, it just popped into my head. seems appropriate for such a teeny squirt. dr j checked him out and said he's super duper emaciated, is between 2 and 3 months old but only weighs 460 grams (he should be twice that!), has diarrhea and a cold. mort's going to stay at the clinic all day with dr j and i'll go pick him up after work. he's going to be dewormed, fed hill's prescription a/d, hydrated, frontlined, and put on antibiotics.

mort is a white kitty with marmalade tabby patches, his eyes are brown outlined with blue (unique!), he has a long full-length tail, and is probably about 8 to 10 weeks old. I'll take photos of him when he looks less skeletal and when he gets better i'll bring him to SPCA's adoption drives. There are lots in May! This Saturday and Sunday we'll be at Tropicana City Mall, 2nd Floor, 10am to 7pm. Might be too soon for Mort to take part in this one.. But then he can join the adoption drives on May 15&16 and May 22&23 at Bangsar Shopping Center. Many opportunities for adoption this month! Let's hope Mortimer recovers quickly and finds his forever home :)


Forever Feline said...

Best of luck with your new baby! So wonderful of you to care like that xxx

Everycat said...

It sounds like you saved little Mortimer just in time. I hope his day of treatment goes well and he's restored to health soonest!

You are a good soul you know

Whicky Wuudler