Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mr Orange has been adopted and other ramblings..

Mr Orange went to his new home on Thursday night. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sad. I'm always sad when a foster leaves me. Can't help getting attached to the twerps no matter how many times I remind myself to maintain an emotional distance from them. It doesn't matter how many have passed through my doors, I've loved them all and it does hurt when they go. It didn't help that Fatfat gave Mr O a few affectionate paternal licks as Mr O's new dad and I talked about old times when we used to work together and caught up over a quick ciggy. Even Mr O's dad felt a little sad about separating them but I assured him that Fatfat does that with all my fosters and he'd be just fine which is true! He's fine.

So my next project is rescuing my friend one-eyed Jack Manfred Sparrow. Why is he always around when I've got my hands full but MIA when I'm foster-free?

Another ongoing project is Cricket the German Shephered mixed breed dog I've been feeding for AGESSSSS now. I think I wrote about her a few weeks ago. She's still scared of me but I've found out that others in the neighborhood have been feeding her and now one of the neighbors has said that if Cricket can be rescued and spayed, he would gladly have her live on his farm outside the city. He happens to have a dog in his home now that looks exactly like Cricket and in fact the first time he saw her, he thought that his own dog had run out the gate. My dad is going to talk to another neighbor across the street about allowing me to catch Cricket in their compound because Cricket sometimes wanders into their yard to play with their dog. If they cooperate with me, and let me know when she's in there, they can close the gate, and I can safely feed her food laced with tranquilizers knowing that she can't wander off and get hit by a car. I could then immediately bring her furry butt to the vet. Let's hope all these things fall into place for Cricket. She's such a sweetie, just scared.


Bobby said...

We are glad O is homed, and we hope you get Cricket okay, and all goes well. We wish we could say to furbodys we are helping you and they would understand.

bbes tribe said...

We were visiting Bobby and saw your blog. Thought we'd stop by and visit. Glad we did. WE like meeting new furiends so feel free to visit us anytime if you'd like.
Fostering is hard but also very rewarding. It feels good to save a life or lives but HARD to let go sometimes. Hope you get Cricket.

ForPetsSake said...

Congrats on the new home! I think it's only human to feel sad when something you've grown to care for leaves. But it just makes room for more ;)
Good luck with Cricket! I really hope the stars align just right for her capture and surgery. It sounds like she may have a good home lined up.

LP said...

Wow! That would be such a great thing-if you were able to "capture" her and then she would have a home AND friend.We'll keep our fingers crossed!
the critters in The Cottage

LP said...

Oops! And safe journey and happy trails to Mr.O in his new home!
the critters in The Cottage