Monday, April 11, 2011

Tamago - New mini foster pooch

I said I would never foster a dog ever again after my heartbreak. But I was wrong. I can't resist. I miss dogs so much and my new little foster dog is tiny and completely silent. No one knows she's in my 'no pets allowed' apartment.
Tamago is 8 years old and the best behaved little pooch I have ever met. She doesn't make messes, doesn't chew on things, is paper-trained, she never makes a sound. She's lower maintenance and less attention craving than my cats! Incredible.. but sad.. Tamago doesn't know how to play. She doesn't know what to do with toys. She doesn't know how to walk on a leash. She doesn't know how to have fun at all. She's the best behaved dog in the world because she doesn't know how to be happy and loved. All she does is sleep and sleep. How do I make her happy? She's a sweetheart. Just look at that face. Its not really visible in the photos but her eyes are beginning to cloud a little.. The beginning of cataracts perhaps? How do you teach an old dog to have some fun?


meowmeowmans said...

Oh, Tamago is adorable! I think her name is perfect ... she does sort of look like a cute little egg. :)

We know you will give her lot of love and interaction. And who knows? Maybe once she feels more secure and knows you are a wonderful source of good things, her more playful side will come out...

Thank you for fostering Tamago. You are awesome!

LP said...

Tamago is not really old at all at eight years of age- she could potentially live another ten years!Maybe her previous owners were very firm with her and she was trained to "be seen and not heard". We know all your love and attention will draw her out for sure.She is a doll baby! We send her lots of sweet kisses.
the critters in The Cottage

ManekiNeko said...

WAAHHHH! No wonder you're swooning! I agree with what LP and meowmeowmans wrote, but I hope that when and if she does come out of her shell, she'll still be quiet enough to hide out in your apartment.

Enjoy her! Soak up lots of doggy kisses. :-)

ForPetsSake said...

That last pic is cuteness!!

Bobby said...

Tamago looks so gorgeous, I have had dogs like that I have one now, a little king charles. He does not know toys or plating he had not had a lead on or been for walks. He is fat. i lay on the floor to play and he had no idea. It seems a shame they do not know how to play.

Mel Battison said...

My 4 year old foster dog never knew how to play. It took him almost 5 months before he even touched a dog toy, and even then he only touches them maybe once a week. He's getting there, though.

What got him out of his shell ititially, though, was ice cubes. It sounds silly, but I have yet to meet a dog that doesn't find the slip and slide of ice cubes intriguing. Give it a try!