Sunday, April 3, 2011

An afternoon visit with Tony, Spike, and Coco.

Oh I can't belieeeeveeeeee how silly I am sometimes. I went to visit my dogs Tony Montana and Spike who live with their dad. I meant to take new photos of my two beloved pooches but I forgot my camera :( Bloody hell! I so wanted new photos of them. They've both lost weight and look healthier than ever! Especially Tony, who is quite old and was so fat and wide before that I swear you could balance a tray on his back. He's slimmer now and more active thanks to daily walks he gets from his Dad's brother. Spike has a long body and short legs and he was looking rather stout at one time too but now he's slimmed down as well. His ears look enormous but he's still such a cutie! I miss them.

I had a dream about them and Molly last night. I wish they were still all with me and mine to see and love everyday. Visiting my dogs is always nice but when I leave them I always feel sadder than before. Being with Tony and Spike always reminds me of Molly and makes me miss her more. Leaving Tony and Spike at the end of a visit makes me feel guilty. I wish I could explain things to them and make them understand. I am glad though that their Dad wanted them when we split up and is taking such good care of them. They have such a big yard to play in and their Dad even had a dog house made that their crates fit into. I can't care for them in my little apartment. They'd go nuts with boredom.

Every time I visit I bring presents. Usually toys, treats, rawhide bones, wet food to mix in with their usual kibble. Today I brought treats and vitamins. Vetzyme Conditioning Tablets. Tony devoured them like he devours everything else, as if its the tastiest thing in the world. Spike as usual, graciously took them from my hand... and then quietly spat them out on the floor. This Spike.. Sighh.. He absolutely refuses to eat anything that is medical or health related, no matter if its labelled "beef flavor" or "feed as a savory treat". He's not fooled. He also spits out heartguard after holding it in his mouth for a few seconds to fool us... It's supposed to be meat flavored! We'd think he's eaten it, then find it wet and soggy in his crate later.

I also saw Coco who went with her Dad when we split up. She was very nice to me, not cranky at all. In fact she was very affectionate and loving. I was pleasantly surprised. I suppose she was happy I was just there to visit and she can tolerate me in small doses. When Coco and I were under the same roof she did some awful things to me, like take craps in my laundry basket, or pee on my shoes. She also climbed into two of my large handbags and peed in them. She only did this to my stuff, never her Dad's.. I got the hint!

NEXT TIME I WILL TAKE PICTURES! In the meantime, here are a few old ones..

The sometimes evil and now loving Coco.

Molly. Love love love! May she rest in peace or if not peace, I hope she's having a blast.

Tony Montana. This old boy loves car rides and his humans. I love him too.

Spike. My baby.

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Au and Target said...

So glad Mr Orange found a home, and you get Visitation Rights! Excellent but it must be so hard for you to not see them every day.

Thanks for visiting. Boris is now home in JB and his dad wrote to say they're so happy to have him back but Boris' sister hissed at him.