Thursday, May 10, 2012

Tamago's health scare, Koala Mama and her pupparoos

Wow what a week its been. I'm tired and I'm not even working. Oh yeah did I mention that i quit my finance job and plan to move to Langkawi island to work at the animal sanctuary? That's why i was there a couple of weeks ago.. To test the waters a bit. I'll be going again next week for a week to discuss my responsibilities and living arrangements and whatnot with the LASSie people. Really excited to finally live my dream of working with animals on an island paradise. But before that there are other things I want to share with you.

My wee Tamago had some sort of stroke/brain malfunction/system meltdown thing last saturday evening. I know she's old (about 9 years old now) but still I didn't expect that to happen at all. Remember she always seems young to me because I've only had her a year. She was asleep behind her bed and I was reading in mine. I heard her wake up and start to climb into her bed and then suddenly stop. I looked over at her and was confused by what I saw. She seemed frozen halfway in and out of her bed with her front legs in over the side, her back legs dangling outside, and her tummy resting on the cushioned edge. It took me a moment to realize that she couldn't move. In my panic I picked her up and she began to tremble violently. I quickly put her on my bed and she just crumpled unable to even sit up. Her head was tilted to one side and bobbing. Her eyeballs twitched uncontrollably in their sockets. During this episode I was talking to her and calling her name but she didn't respond or seem to see me. Holy shit I thought it was all over for my little Tamago.

I called my friends NT and AC in hysterical tears asking for emergency vet numbers (It was after business hours and a public holiday). I also contacted SL from KL Pooch Rescue for her emergency contact. In the end I brought Tamago to the Gasing vet where a Dr T came to help us. My parents had to pick me up and drive us because I'm not familiar with the Gasing area at all. Without all the testing its impossible to know for sure what happened but Dr T said there were two possibilities. One, that Tamago had a stroke, or two that a growth in her brain may have caused the episode. An MRI will show if there's a growth but strange thing, Tamago could walk just two hours after the episode. She was wobbly and fell lots but she could walk. By the next day she was back to her old self. It was like nothing had happened. Absolutely no symptoms from the day before. Very mysterious... Let's hope this brain thing doesn't happen again! So scary.

Last week I saw a photo of a mama dog and her newborn puppies desperately trying to stay dry under a van during a storm. Of course they were completely soaked through as water continued to flow and swirl over them. It was a heartbreaking sight. The person who posted the photo on facebook was looking for someone who could provide a foster home. Now, usually I don't foster dogs because I live in a condo and pets aren't allowed, but I couldn't stand the thought of that dog just trying to take care of her babies in the dirty water so I offered my home. I figured I could supervise them more and make sure the noise level was kept to a minimum because I'm home lots now that I'm not working and in the meantime the various rescue groups could find a more suitable home.

Koala Mama and her 6 beautiful babies moved in with me on Monday night. She has 4 little girls and 2 bigger bully boys. They are about 3 weeks old and some of them have opened their eyes. They are precious chubby little lumps of love and oh my god I can't handle their unbelievable cuteness and fragility. I'm in love! Teeny paw pads and velvety ears - Squeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Little muzzles and toothless yawns - AWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!! But let me tell you about Koala.

When she was first brought to my home I was told that she was very defensive over her puppies, barking and growling warnings at strangers. At first I was a little wary, worried that my neighbors might hear her and complain but not a peep came out of her when we met. She observed me quietly without malice or fear. After her rescuers left we eyed each other for a bit and I just sat with her and talked. She allowed me to rearrange her nest and handle her babies. That night itself she began to shadow me constantly. After the first time I scratched around her ears and chin she decided that she was in love with me. She became so busy with shadowing me and staring at me adoringly that she needed to be reminded about her pups. They would cry for milk and mothering and she would just stare at me in wonder, oblivious to their cries. Poor girl, I think she's thrilled to have someone take care of her. She looks deeply into my eyes while resting her head on my knees and nuzzles my hands asking to be petted. She pokes her head and body under my arm to be encircled in a warm hug. She makes my heart melt and ache at the same time.

She is so excited and happy when she sees me with her bowl at meal times she literally prances and hops around me. Such is her joy and appreciation at being fed. I am so touched by this pooch she brings tears to my eyes. I can't imagine her life outside as a stray. She is as innocent and defenseless as a bunny.

Now I just have to work on her not being so obsessed with me so she can concentrate on her pupparoos! Koala loves being petted and loved while she is nursing her pups. She is easily distracted, little more than a child herself and she is thrilled to have a 'mother' take care of her after having had to fend for herself and her pups for god knows how long. She sticks to me like glue. She has become so attached to me that she sometimes neglects her pups, preferring to follow me around than to tend to their needs, so what I've been doing is sitting down quietly with her while she lies down and handing her the pups for feeding and cleaning. Once the pups are nursing, I pet her head and side and praise her so she will not get up before the pups have had their fill. Last night I fell asleep on the floor with her and the pups. When I woke up, I snuck out of the room and shut the door super quietly so as not to wake her. I'm exhausted but it is nice to be loved so quickly and unconditionally by this sweet girl I met just 3 nights ago. I would love to keep her forever but I'm moving and can't afford to anyway :(

What can we rescuers and fosterers do? We've fallen in love a hundred times and will fall in love again and again.

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meowmeowmans said...

That is so scary about Tamago. We, too, hope this was an isolated incident, never to be repeated again.

We are so excited for you! Working at the animal sanctuary ... way to go, following your dream. Huge props to you, L!

Koala Mama's babies are ADORABLE!