Monday, October 17, 2011

The Parking Lot Colony - Update on Mr CrankyPants

Cranks was released last Tuesday night with very little fanfare. He had calmed down a lot by then and allowed me to stuff him into a cat carrier for transportation from my apartment back to the parking lot. He was pretty freaked out about being stuck in such a small space and cried pitifully. When we got to my car, which is where he usually hangs out, I set the carrier down next to it and scooped a handful of kibble out onto the ground right in front of the carrier door in the hope that this would help him exit calmly. It worked! He stopped meowing immediately. I opened the door and he stepped out and buried his face in the food as if it was any other day. I was afraid he would bolt and never return once released but luckily he still trusts me. Since then we have returned to our usual routine and he is at my car every morning and evening waiting for his meals. He has suddenly decided that he is in love with me and keeps trying to follow me back into the building. This morning he even ignored his food and jumped into my car as I was about to leave for work! What is happening?? Has Mr CrankyPants suddenly become Mr CuddlyPants??? Perhaps be is adoptable after all! Any takers? He is a very handsome grey tabby, neutered and ready to go!

No luck yet with the others in the colony. I have seen and fed The Tortie and The Ginger Tom but there is still no sign of Carpark Cat :( I hope he's ok wherever he is.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Parking Lot Colony

Four neurotic felines make up the feral colony in my condo parking lot. Each one is crazy in his/her own unadoptable way. They are fed and looked after by my upstairs neighbor MK who has been feeding them for years and now by me as well after I moved in a year ago. The cats in the colony are Carpark Cat, The Tortie, Mr CrankyPants, and the Ginger Tom.

I have only gotten to know (and photograph) Mr Crankypants and the Ginger Tom. Carpark Cat and The Tortie are super duper scared of all humans except MK. I can't even get near them. If I leave them food, they will not eat until I am out of sight. Mr CrankyPants and the Ginger Tom are tamer but in an aggressive, demanding, bitey, scratchy sort of way. They don't want to be friends but they are not afraid of us. Cranks will yowl at the top of his lungs demanding food, the Ginger Tom will get angry and actually bite us or grab our feet and scratch us if we don't set down his food fast enough for his liking. We keep containers of cat kibble in our cars for them but sometimes we run out and have to go into our apartments to refill. When this happens, the Ginger Tom gets really mad and chases after us and blocks our path furiously. I have scars on my legs from this lunatic. He is a freaking nut. He looks nuts too with all his bald patches and battle scars. Sometimes while he eats I muster up the courage to cautiously stroke his scarred bald head with one tentative finger.

None of the four in the colony get along with each other. The Ginger Tom and Mr C are both alpha males and always pick fights with each other and anyone else. Carpark Cat is also male but much smaller and timid and easily bullied by these two. The Tortie is the only female in the colony and also easily bullied... Poor thing. MK and I try to make sure everyone is regularly fed but more often than not, the bullies eat, and the timid ones are off hiding somewhere. We hope to have everyone neutered to stem the bullying and territorial issues and also to make sure they don't breed. They are extremely difficult to catch :( People who live in the building have been complaining about cats in the compound and also complaining about people feeding cats in the compound (MK and I of course.. hahaha). I don't see why it bothers or affects other people that we feed the cats but well, I guess some people are just petty, arrogant, heartless, and really really stupid with nothing better to do or think about.

Mr CrankyPants and Carpark Cat had a big fight last week. Both ended up pretty badly beat up. I managed to catch Mr C (he went ballistic when trapped) and send him to the vet. He's been patched up and neutered and is staying in a cage in my study until his antibiotics are finished at which point I will release him back into the parking lot. His stay with me has been challenging as he can't stand being confined and became super freaking mean. He makes a huge disgusting mess in the cage everyday. I can hear him "working" very hard at that all the time and yowling his head off. The vet and her assistants had a lot of trouble with him. I had hoped to rehome him but the vet says he's not adoptable. She's right. Carpark Cat is still out there somewhere with his injuries :( MK was out of town when the fight happened and isn't back yet. She's the only one that might be able to catch Carpark Cat and bring him in for treatment and neutering. I haven't seen him since last week.

Mr CrankyPants at the vet. He stayed there for a few days because he was too scary and angry for me to treat at home. His wounds needed daily cleaning and he was also neutered during his stay. I was too shit-scared to do any wound cleaning.

Mr C giving me the angry stink-eye. His paw pads were badly torn up. When walking (limping painfully really) he left bloody patches on the ground. His front forelegs also had many deep scratches.

He took of his e-collar and I was too scared to try putting that back on too. Anyway it occurred to me that if it was replaced, I would then have to worry about taking it off as well. Argh. I'm a chicken, I admit it.

The Ginger Tom and his bald, scarred, head.

My poor scary feral friend.

I have a feeling there might be a cuddly kitty in there somewhere... Just don't piss him off :)

Miko - 8 weeks old and fostered by Uncle Fatfat

One of my favorite things about rescuing and fostering animals in need is watching Fatfat "pay it forward". Once upon a time, he was a tiny helpless infant kitten rescued from the clutches of evil people who were about to throw him away in a plastic bag like yesterday's garbage. Now he is the ultimate fosterer's assistant. He helps me raise the little orphans and teaches them the ways of the world.

Uncle Fatfat shares his pearls of wisdom with Miko.. She is an attentive student.

Well... She was attentive for about two seconds.. Then she decided it was time to be a little shit.

Old cats need more rest while crazy kittens are wide-eyed and bushy-tailed :)

Miko hunts the twitchy end of Uncle Fatfat's tail..

When he's had enough Uncle F decides its time to lay down the law. A firm paw ought to set this little girl straight.

Or maybe not...

Finally Miko's eyes begin to close..


Good night world