Monday, October 10, 2011

Miko - 8 weeks old and fostered by Uncle Fatfat

One of my favorite things about rescuing and fostering animals in need is watching Fatfat "pay it forward". Once upon a time, he was a tiny helpless infant kitten rescued from the clutches of evil people who were about to throw him away in a plastic bag like yesterday's garbage. Now he is the ultimate fosterer's assistant. He helps me raise the little orphans and teaches them the ways of the world.

Uncle Fatfat shares his pearls of wisdom with Miko.. She is an attentive student.

Well... She was attentive for about two seconds.. Then she decided it was time to be a little shit.

Old cats need more rest while crazy kittens are wide-eyed and bushy-tailed :)

Miko hunts the twitchy end of Uncle Fatfat's tail..

When he's had enough Uncle F decides its time to lay down the law. A firm paw ought to set this little girl straight.

Or maybe not...

Finally Miko's eyes begin to close..


Good night world


Bobby said...

Miko is so cute we are glad Fatfat is looking after him.
The poor ferrel cats if only they could understand help is at hand.
Licks Bobby

Bobby said...

Whoops Miko female sorry. No wonder she is a pest.
Licks Bobby

LP said...

Wonderful pics! Toooo cute with those two cuddled next to one another Big and Small.I love that Fatfat enjoys the kittens so much. Sweet boy!

the critters in The Cottage xo

ManekiNeko said...

That is just WAY too much cuteness, esp. the photos of Miko snoozing next to FatFat. He and Sparks are amazingly hospitable to your rescue kitties. What a blessing!

sully86 said...

too cute i can die......