Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New foster kitten - Mr Orange

Dorian Grunge is reborn! He passed away a few weeks ago and now I've got Mr Orange, a 3 week old male kitten I found in the parking lot of Hartamas Shopping Center in Plaza Damas. Mr O looks just like Dorian! Its spooky but nice to feel like I might have a shot at making things right and good with this one.

I found Mr O on Sunday night after dinner with my cousin ML and my parents. We were driving out of the parking lot when a little flash of color caught my eye. I turned to look and there was this tiny baby kitten sitting all alone in an empty parking space looking lost and terrified. I think I yelled something like "STOP STOP STOP!!!" at my dad. He stopped the car and I dashed out and picked up the little shit. He was soggy, filthy, wet and smelly but oh wow he was still so darn cute. Mr O hissed at me all the way home. You know the way baby kittens hiss, there isn't even any sound, just an opening of the mouth. So cute when they're pissed off. I love being threatened by something that fits in the palm of my hand :)

I set Mr O up in the guest bathroom. In the shower stall to be exact. He's so young and so small I don't want him wandering around and getting squished. Tried to feed him some canned cat food but he wasn't particularly interested. It occured to me that he might not really be weaned yet even though he's got little nubs of teeth coming in.. Tried to syringe-feed him KMR formula. He wasn't interested in that either. Eventually I stuffed food directly into his mouth thinking that he might not know how to eat real food yet. I've seen kittens go crazy after the first time they taste real food and look around eagerly for more. Mr O is not one of those kittens. He spat out the food.

The next morning I brought Mr O to the vet. He was dewormed and Dr L prescribed a course of antibiotics for an eye infection. There isn't any discharge coming from his eyes but his eyelids are very red and swollen. I told Dr L that I was having trouble getting Mr O to eat. She opened him a can of Hill's Prescription A/D. You know, the really freakin expensive shit. 8 bucks a can!!! And yeah he started chomping away. Thanks for your expensive taste Mr O! HMPF!!! But who can stay at mad at him? He's so cute he makes my eyes hurt. Last night he was sleeping in his box on an old t-shirt. He burrowed his face under and all I could see what his tail. When I woke him up for his dinner he looked up at me bleary-eyed and annoyed and then hid his face in the t-shirt again as if to say "go away! can't you see i'm sleeping?". When he finally did wobble out of his box, he gorged himself on his insanely expensive food, then tottered on shaky, babycat legs back in to sleep. It's sooooooo cute when kittens are still wobbly on their legs. They think they're all grown up and shit :) Too cute too cute!!!

Mr Orange will be available for adoption in about a month's time. As usual neutering and vaccinations are mandatory. Adoption procedure is outlined on the right sidebar.


Kristine said...

Eeee, Mr. O is so cute. It is kind of creepy how much he resembles Dorian. Makes one wonder a little... But only a little. I can't believe how teeny he is!

ManekiNeko said...

Yes, a teensy-weensy little Dorian Grunge reincarnation!

Got all my fingers crossed for the little fellow... :-)

Au and Target said...

Poor little thing. He looks so small!

~Covert_Operations'78~ said...

He looks so tiny and fragile! Good luck dear Lynette and Mr. Orange!

LP said...

OMG!He is soooo tiny!You must have eagle eyes to have even seen him!You are awesome!We hope he eats and eats and eats.Get fat little one.And big.Grow,grow,grow!You are indeed a wee cutie!
the critters in The Cottage

Bobby said...

So cute and in the best hands.